What to Expect From a Financial Planning Engagement

What can you expect froma financail planning engagement?

What Do You Do?

This is a question which is often on the minds of people as they venture into the area of financial planning and investment advice for the first time. Because of this, it is also a great place for you to begin your exploration of our web site.

At Amherst Financial Services, Inc. we design and implement plans which help people make personal financial and lifestyle transitions. The first transition may be from simply raising children to that of providing them with the economic means to attend college. A very different, and difficult type of transition is that experienced by those that become "suddenly single" by way of either divorce or death. A more pleasant transition, although it can be equally traumatic, needs to be undertaken by one who becomes "suddenly rich" by means of inheritance, lottery, business sale, etc.

An individual may choose to make the transition from employee to independent business owner. A business owner needs to face and make several transitions as he or she retires or passes the keys to the business to the next generation or to new owners. Nearly every working person must transition from a hectic work schedule to the more relaxed schedule of a retiree and the associated changes in income and expenses. Finally, in many happy cases, clients make the transition from simply struggling to accumulate assets to that of planning to preserve their asset base from disaster and find tax efficient ways to distribute those assets to their heirs..

Financial planning is a way of addressing a client`s financial needs which serves as an effective bridge across previously unrelated disciplines: accounting and tax planning, risk management, retirement and estate planning, and, of course, investment advice. Financial planners recognize - in a way that no other profession does - that a client should not address one financial issue in isolation from all the others.

More importantly, financial planning represents a partnership between the client and the professional. Planners must always put their client`s interests first. They are the first professionals related to the securities industry to recognize that the ultimate source of their income is not the product manufacturer, money manager or broker-dealer. It is, and always will be, the client.

At Amherst Financial Services we determine the needs and objectives of each individual client through personalized data gathering and discovery sessions. We then customize our service package to meet those needs. We also coordinate implementation of any planning recommendations in accordance with the client`s needs, both personal and business. The end result is a client driven, needs oriented action plan which guides the client through his or her personal lifestyle transitions.